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Scream, Pretty Peggy is an American television movie directed by Gordon Hessler. The teleplay was written by Arthur Hoffe and Jimmy Sangster. It was produced by Universal Television and broadcast by ABC as a segment of its Movie of the Week series on November 24, 1973.

The title character is a college student and aspiring artist who works as a housekeeper in the mansion of mysterious recluse Mrs. Elliott and her oddball sculptor son Jeffrey. She becomes suspicious when George Thornton comes to the house looking for his missing daughter, who once worked in the position she now holds, and even more so when she learns Jeffrey's sister, whom she was led to believe was on an extended European vacation, actually is mentally deranged and living in the apartment above the garage. Undaunted by warnings from her employer, Peggy is determined to befriend the girl, a decision that leads to a lot of mysterious doings and a Psycho-inspired climax.

The film was shot on location at the old Noah Dietrich estate above the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, California.[1]

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