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Screen may refer to:


  • Screen printing (also called silkscreening), a method of printing
  • Big screen, a nickname associated with the motion picture industry
  • Split screen (filmmaking), a film composition paradigm in which multiple distinct film sequences are shown simultaneously and next to each other

Filtration / selection processes[edit]

  • Screening, the process of identifying or selecting members of a population based on one or more selection criteria
  • Sieve, a mesh used to separate fine particles from coarse ones
  • Genetic screen, a procedure to identify a particular kind of phenotype
  • Mechanical screening, a unit operation in materials handling which separates product into multiple grades by particle size


  • Screen (journal), a film and television studies journal published by Oxford University Press
  • Screen (magazine), a weekly entertainment magazine from India
  • Screenonline, online film and television magazine produced by the British Film Institute

Media display[edit]

Separation or partitioning[edit]

  • Window screen, a plastic or wire mesh that covers a window opening
  • Screen door, a mesh, wire or plastic, that covers a door opening
  • Fire screen, a device to put in front of a fireplace
  • Windbreak of trees or shrubs
  • Windshield (windscreen), protects the driver of a vehicle
  • Folding screen, a piece of decorative furniture
  • Rainscreen, in building construction
  • Rood screen, a partition in a church which separates the chancel from the nave
  • Smoke screen, smoke released in order to mask the movement or location of military units



  • Screen (sports), when a player obstructs the vision or motion of another player
  • Screen pass, a type of offensive play in American football


  • Screen (bridge), a device used in some Bridge games that visually separates partners at the table from each other
  • Electronic page, an interface, scene, page, or group of content on an electronic display device
  • Pat Screen, Louisiana State University football player and Mayor-President of East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana
  • The conductive screen around the inner conductor(s) of an electrical cable, usually either foil or braided wire

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