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Scrub(s) or Scrubber(s) may refer to:

  • Scrub, low shrub and grass characteristic of scrubland
  • Scrubs (clothing), worn by medical staff
  • Scrubs (TV series), an American television program
  • Scrubs (occupation), also called "scrub tech," "scrub nurse," or "surgical technologist"
  • Scrub baseball, also known as "scrub" or "scrubs", an informal game of baseball without teams
  • Scrubber, an industrial pollution control device usually installed on chimneys or air exhaust systems
  • Scrubbing (audio), an interaction in which a playhead is dragged across a segment of audio to play it
  • Scrubbers, a 1983 film directed by Mai Zetterling
  • When the launch of a rocket such as the Space Shuttle is postponed (scrubbed) due to weather or problems.

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