Scudder Parker

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Scudder Parker
Scudder Parker, Former Vermont State Senator
Vermont State Senator
In office
January 1981 – January 1988
Personal details
Born (1943-08-16) August 16, 1943 (age 70)
Northeast Kingdom
Political party Democratic
Spouse(s) Susan Sussman
Children Katie and Emily
Residence Middlesex, Vermont

Scudder Parker is a Democratic politician from Vermont.

Parker grew up on a dairy farm in a region of Vermont known as the Northeast Kingdom. Parker attended Union Theological Seminary, and became an ordained minister, like his father and grandfather. Early in his political career, Parker became the first Democrat to ever win a Vermont State Senate seat in the northeastern region of Vermont. He served in the State Senate from 1981 to 1988. In the Senate, Parker served as chair of the Finance Committee, a position that put Parker in a prominent position in writing the state's budget. Later, Parker served as chair of the Vermont Democratic Party. He was Director of the Energy Efficiency Division of the Vermont Department of Public Service from January 1990 to February 2003.

Race for governor, 2006[edit]

In 2005, Parker announced his intention to run for the Democratic Party nomination to challenge Governor Jim Douglas in the November 2006 Vermont gubernatorial election. He was assured that nomination when no other Democrat filed by the July 16, 2006 deadline.

Parker started his campaign in the fall of 2005, visiting counties in Vermont and staying there for several days at a time, getting to know the locals. In the summer of 2006, his campaign staff tripled in number, bringing on full-time field, finance, and communications directors, as well as several support staffers. His fundraising efforts resulted in $110,000 in donations in the month of July 2006.

The Parker campaign had several banner issues, including energy, education, health care, and economic development. Parker was seen as a technocrat and released series of position papers on energy in support of a wide spectrum of renewable and sustainable energy sources

Parker's bid for the office governor ended on election night, November 6, 2006. The Republican Incumbent James Douglas defeated Parker. Douglas won 56% of the vote to Parker's 41%.

On the issues[edit]

Parker's positions on notable issues:

  • Agriculture - In favor of federal aid to help farmers recover from the 2006 crop loss.[1]
  • Education - Proposed to raise education taxes while cutting education spending, something unique among administrations nationwide.[2]
  • Energy - Incentives for new energy solutions. Reduce dependence on fossil fuels and nuclear energy. Create a plan to move Vermont to a more clean, stable and self-reliant energy future.[3]
  • Health care - In favor of health care reform. Removing health care employment restrictions. Lowering costs while offering it to more individuals.[4]
  • Housing - Develop housing plans at the local area. Supporting town and regional planning commissions for clear, improved and affordable housing.[5]
  • War in Iraq - Against the war since the beginning. Make sure veteran's benefits are fully funded. Prompt and honorable return from Iraq.[6]
  • Women's Health Care - Believes that "men and women have the basic human right to consult with their physicians in private about their own health-care decisions."[7]


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