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Italy Scuderia Coloni
Logo scuderia coloni.jpg
Full name Scuderia Coloni
Founded 1981
Base Perugia, Italy
Founder/s Enzo Coloni
Team principal/s Paolo Coloni
Engineering Head position Alex Zoechling
Technical director Fidalma Coloni
Race drivers 14.Italy Luca Filippi
15.Italy Fabio Onidi
GP2 Series record
Debut 2005
Latest race 2012
Races competed 165
Teams' Championships 0
Drivers' Championships 0
Race victories 10
Pole positions 1
Fastest laps 9
Other Series
Former Series Formula 3000
Italian F3
Superleague Formula
Formula One
Euroseries 3000
Formula BMW Europe
GP2 Asia Series
Drivers' Titles 0
Teams' Titles 0

Coloni Motorsport, also known as Scuderia Coloni, is an auto racing team from Italy. Formed by Enzo Coloni in 1982, the team participated in Formula Three between 1983 and 1986, before racing in Formula One as Enzo Coloni Racing Car Systems between 1987 and 1991. They made 82 attempts to take part in a Formula One race but only qualified 14 times. Since then, under the management of Enzo Coloni's son Paolo, the team has been successful in Formula Three, Formula 3000 and GP2 Series. Between 2006 and 2009 the team ran under the name of Fisichella Motor Sport, with support from Formula One driver Giancarlo Fisichella.

Formula Three[edit]

Before their spell in Formula One, Coloni ran in the Italian and European Formula Three Championships. Paolo Colini drove for the team in the Italian Championship between 1991 and 1993, as well as finishing second in the 1993 Masters of Formula 3. Although Paolo left the Italian series to drive elsewhere, the team continued in Italian F3 until the end of 1996, when Esteban Tuero and Dino Morelli drove for them.

Formula 3000[edit]

Coloni Motorsport made the switch to International Formula 3000 in 1997. They made a breakthrough year in 2002, when Giorgio Pantano and Enrico Toccacelo drove for the team. Pantano finished the year as runner-up, with Toccacelo in ninth, taking three wins between them. Ricardo Sperafico and Zsolt Baumgartner drove for Coloni in 2003, with Sperafico finishing as series runner-up, while Baumgartner made his Formula One debut for Jordan Grand Prix at his home race - the 2003 Hungarian Grand Prix.

GP2 Series[edit]

The team continued to race in the Formula One feeder series - which was rebranded as the GP2 Series in 2005. Mathias Lauda and Gianmaria Bruni, who had raced in F1 for Minardi in 2004, started the season, although Toni Vilander and Ferdinando Monfardini raced Bruni's car following his departure from the team with three rounds left.

Fisichella Motor Sport International[edit]

At the end of 2005, Formula One driver Giancarlo Fisichella joined forces with Coloni.[1] Fisichella Motor Sport had a team, run by Coloni, racing in the 2005 Italian Formula 3000 season. They won that title with Luca Filippi, who moved across to GP2 with FMSI in 2006. He was joined by Turk Jason Tahinci, who brought sponsorship from Petrol Ofisi. Filippi left the team after three rounds and was replaced by former Coloni driver Giorgio Pantano, who won three races later that season.

Adam Carroll driving for FMSI in Monaco in 2008.

Former F1 driver Antônio Pizzonia joined Tahincioglu at the team for 2007, although he was dropped in favour of Adam Carroll after three rounds. Carroll went on to win two races during 2007.

In 2008 the team ran in the colours of Fisichella's F1 team Force India. Roldán Rodríguez drove one car for the whole season, while driving duties in the second car were shared between Adrián Vallés, Carroll and Marko Asmer. Andy Soucek was initially signed to drive for the team, but was replaced by Rodríguez shortly before the start of the season. Soucek has since launched a legal case against FMSI, which is ongoing.

Coloni buyout[edit]

Andreas Zuber and Luiz Razia joined the team for 2009. After the sixth round of the season, the Coloni team took back full control of the team after buying out Fisichella. It also had a new sponsorship deal with The deal also applies to their Formula BMW Europe team.[2]

At the following round of the championship, Coloni's cars were impounded as a result of an injunction obtained by Soucek as part of his dispute with the team in its FMSI guise. The team missed the qualifying session and were thus ruled out of competing in either of the weekend's races.[3]

Departure from GP2[edit]

At the Silverstone round of the 2012 GP2 championship, series organisers and Scuderia Coloni announced that the team would leave the series at the end of the 2012 season, and that the team would forfeit all of their points they had received to date and would receive for the remainder of the season. No further explanation was given for their abrupt departure.[4]


GP2 Series[edit]

Year Team name Car Drivers Races Wins Poles F.L. Points D.C. T.C.
2005 Italy Coloni Motorsport Dallara-Mecachrome Austria Mathias Lauda 23 0 0 0 3 21st 9th
Italy Gianmaria Bruni 17 1 0 0 35† 10th
Finland Toni Vilander 4 0 0 0 0 25th
Italy Ferdinando Monfardini 2 0 0 0 5† 17th
2009 Italy Scuderia Coloni Dallara-Mecachrome United Arab Emirates Andreas Zuber 18 0 0 0 21 13th 10th
Brazil Luiz Razia 18 1 0 1 8 19th
2010 Italy Scuderia Coloni Dallara-Mecachrome Brazil Alberto Valerio 14 0 0 0 4 22nd 10th
Portugal Álvaro Parente 4 0 0 1 13 15th
United Kingdom James Jakes 2 0 0 0 0 31st
Bulgaria Vladimir Arabadzhiev 16 0 0 0 0 29th
New Zealand Brendon Hartley 4 0 0 0 1 27th
2011 Italy Scuderia Coloni Dallara-Mecachrome Romania Michael Herck 18 0 0 0 1 21st 7th
Italy Davide Rigon 2 0 0 0 0 29th
Italy Kevin Ceccon 8 0 0 0 0 30th
Italy Luca Filippi 8 3 0 5 54† 2nd
2012 Italy Scuderia Coloni Dallara-Mecachrome Monaco Stefano Coletti 20 0 0 1 28 13th† EX
Italy Luca Filippi 4 1 1 0 29 15th
Italy Fabio Onidi 24 0 0 0 13 20th

† Includes points scored for other teams.

Superleague Formula[edit]

Year Car Teams Races Wins Poles Fast laps Points T.C.
2008 Panoz-Menard Italy A.S. Roma 12 0 1 0 307 5th


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