Scum of the Earth Church

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Country US
Denomination Non-denominational
Founder(s) Mike Sares and Reese Roper
Senior pastor(s) Mike Sares

Scum of the Earth Church (SOTEC or Scum) is an evangelical, non-denominational Christian church located in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. The church is a member of Alliance for Renewal Churches.[1] A sister church is located in Seattle, Washington.[2][3]

Church history[edit]

Scum of the Earth Church grew out of a Tuesday night Bible study led by Mike Sares, pastor of Corona Presbyterian Church. The Bible study was attended and co-led by members of the band Five Iron Frenzy. The Bible study moved its meetings into the home of Sares, after he left his pastoring job. At this time, the Bible study members began to discuss the starting a church.[citation needed]

The first organized meeting of the church was held at the Prodigal House in February 2000. At this time, they established a name for the church that would be consistent with its mission. After much deliberation, a majority decision was reached on the current name, which is taken from 1 Corinthians 4:11-13.

While Sares initially expressed concern over possible controversy that could result from the name,[citation needed] he ultimately agreed with the group. After overcrowding became an issue, the church moved to a new building shared with a local Denver ministry, Tollgate. Continued growth and tenant issues lead the church to move to its third location at the now-demolished Church in the City on the corner of Colfax and Josephine in downtown Denver.[citation needed]

In September 2008, the church purchased a building located between Santa Fe Blvd. and Kalamath on 11th Street in Denver. In 2010, due to issues regarding zoning categorization from Historical Building to Residential and back to a religious institution, a number of building code violations were discovered.[citation needed] The church was unable to have meetings there as a result.[citation needed] They met at a church blocks from their building until December 18, 2011, when they returned to their building.[citation needed]

Over the years, guest speakers have included Jay Bakker of Revolution Church, Christian music recording artist Randy Stonehill; Trevor Bron, former pastor of The Next Level (TNL) church, author and professor Craig Blomberg;[4] professor Douglas Groothuis of Denver Seminary, Bob Beltz of Walden Media and author/public speaker Margaret Feinberg.[citation needed]

Seattle sister church[edit]

On August 3, 2003, a sister church was established in Seattle, by John and Raylene Swanger, who had moved to the area from Denver for this purpose. John Swanger was installed as the head pastor of Scum of the Earth Church Seattle. In 2009, Zach McCauley became the head pastor of Scum Seattle, when the Swangers moved back to Denver.[citation needed]


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