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Scutari (Greek: Σκουτάρι) may refer to:

  • Üsküdar (formerly Scutari), a municipality of Istanbul, Turkey on the Anatolian side of the city
    • Scutari Barracks, a former hospital in Üsküdar where Florence Nightingale worked
  • Shkodër, in Albania; also known as Scutari in Italian and traditional English usage
  • Lake Skadar, on the border of Albania and Montenegro, also known as Lake Scutari
  • Shtit, a village in Svilengrad municipality, Haskovo Province, Bulgaria, known among its former Greek inhabitants as Scutari
  • Scutari, a village in Mileanca Commune, Botoşani County, Romania
  • Nicholas Scutari, American politician
  • Secutor, a classification of Roman gladiators that used scutum shields

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