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SDC Verifier
SDC Verifier main scheme
Developer(s) SDC Veifier
Operating system Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Type Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)software

SDC Verifier (Structural Design Codes) is an engineering analysis software based on Femap (Finite Element Modeling and Postprocessing) that is used to verify structures in accordance with required safety standards (DIN15018, EN13001, Eurocode3 or customized).

Using SDC Verifier, engineers can generate sets and groups of load cases that are needed for the analysis of all sorts of constructions and products. In many cases a large number of different mechanical and structural checks in accordance with design standards are needed, the SDC software speeds up this tedious work in an efficient and simple way.


Check – a set of rules to verify a structure. The following check can be created in SDC Verifier:

  • Fatigue (Goodman relation) according to DIN 15018 and FEM 1.001 standards;
  • Plate Buckling according to ABS 2006, DNV RP-C201 2010 and CN30/95 standards;
  • Beam Buckling according to API 2A RPI standard;
  • ANSI/AISC LRFD 360-10 standard;
  • Custom Checks;

The formula editor gives SDC Verifier the necessary flexibility to create checks according to any standard or design code and it is possible to lock Standards from editing. With the advanced report generation system calculations can be quickly documented.


Weld finder

Tools were designed to automate model recognition and speed up applying complicated loads:

  • Joints Finder;
  • Panel Finder;
  • Weld Finder;
  • Beam Member Finder;
  • Complicated Load: Wind, Buoyancy Load and Tank Load;
  • Rule Based Selector;
  • MultiNodal Force;
  • Free Edge;
  • Mesh Quality;
  • Moment Shear Force.

Report Generation[edit]

SDC Verifier report example

With the advanced report generation system calculations can be quickly documented. All settings can be re-used on an updated model or with the “open as template” function even on another Femap model.

Report Wizard[edit]

Report Wizard – gives a possibility to define information, plot, tables and check to be included. It is possible to generate word report from a wizard or to keep working with report structure in the designer.

Report Designer[edit]

Report Designer allows changing structure of report, moving items and preview immediately result. It is possible to add additional chapters and comments. The big advantage of designer is that it is possible to generate part of report, change some setting and regenerate only parts that require changes.

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