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Seán Mac Falls (born 18 November 1957) is an Irish poet. Belonging to no group or movement and operating outside of literary fashions, his brand of symbolist poetry can, at first reading, appear difficult. His use of allusion, startling diction and subtle punning display submerged metaphor in his work. The overall effect is a fresh implementation of Imagism.

He has published two books of poetry and several chapbooks. His first collection of poems, 20 Poems (2001, ISBN 1-929812-05-1) was praised, first from Oxford University don, John Carey, who compared the poet to W. B. Yeats and later by Yale critic Harold Bloom.[1] Several of the poems were Pushcart Prize nominations and were reprinted in major UK magazines such as Agenda, The London Magazine and Stand Magazine.

He published a second book, entitled The Blue Falcon, in 2005 (ISBN 192981206x). His latest book of verse, composed entirely of love poems, is called, In the Pool of the Lost Maiden Song.


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