Tonlé San

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Tonlé San
Tonle San.jpg
Map of Cambodia with Tonlé San river marked
Native name Sông Sê San
Other name Ya Krong Po Ko
Origin confluence of Dak Psi and Dak Po Ko
14°36′23″N 107°50′25″E / 14.6063°N 107.8404°E / 14.6063; 107.8404
Mouth Mekong
13°32′10″N 105°57′54″E / 13.536°N 105.965°E / 13.536; 105.965Coordinates: 13°32′10″N 105°57′54″E / 13.536°N 105.965°E / 13.536; 105.965
Progression Tonlé San—MekongMekong DeltaSouth China Sea
Basin countries Vietnam, Cambodia
Basin area 17,000 km2 (6,600 sq mi)
Not to be confused with Tonlé Sap (lake).

Tonlé San, also known as Tonlé Se San or Sesan River, is a river that flows through central Vietnam and northeast Cambodia. It is a major tributary of the Mekong River. A short portion of the river forms a part of the international border between Cambodia and Vietnam.

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