Sea Wolf (2009 miniseries)

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The Sea Wolf
Directed by Michael Barker
Produced by Herbert G. Kloiber
Rikolt von Gagern
Verena von Heeremann
Written by Jack London
Nigel Williams
Starring Sebastian Koch
Tim Roth
Neve Campbell
Stephen Campbell Moore
Music by Richard G. Mitchell
Cinematography Richard Greatrex
Edited by Dean Solty
Distributed by TeleMunchen
Release date(s) 2009 (2009)
Running time 180 minutes
Country Germany, Canada
Language English
Budget $19,000,000

Sea Wolf (English: The Sea Wolf) - movie. This miniseries is a screen version of the 1941 movie[1] by the same name which was adapted from the book written by Jack London.[2]


In an mishap, a young poetry critic Humphrey van Weyden is cast adrift in the open sea. He is picked up by a seal hunting schooner, but his miraculous escape turns into a brutal struggle for survival. The schooner is captained by 'Wolf' Larsen - an authoritarian and harsh captain.


The film was mostly shot in Halifax, Nova Scotia using the Halifax waterfront doubling as San Francisco with shipboard scenes filmed aboard the schooners Alabama, Silva and the museum ship CSS Acadia at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.[3]



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