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Sea of Tunes was a music publishing company, founded in 1962 by Murry Wilson, father to three of the Beach Boys (Brian, Dennis, and Carl Wilson), and uncle of another member (Mike Love), to publish and promote the original songs written by Brian and Mike.

After being fired by Brian as their manager in 1964, Wilson continued to serve as the band's publisher, until he sold Sea of Tunes to A&M Records in 1969 for $750,000. Murry believed the band's days had peaked, and that he was doing them a favor by selling out when the band was at its low point in the late 1960s. Instead, the band members were furious.

Years after Murry's death, Brian Wilson sued for the return of his song copyrights. While he failed to recover them in court, he was awarded $25 million in damages, including unpaid and underpaid royalties.[1] Mike Love had also discovered he had never been credited by Murry for approximately 35 of the songs he had co-written with Brian, and, therefore, had also lost out on royalties. Unable to come to a settlement on their own, and with no supposed malice toward each other, Mike sued Brian for a share of his award, winning $13 million.[2]


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