Seafair Cup

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Seafair Cup
Seafair Cup.PNG
Albert Lee Cup at Seafair
Sport H1 Unlimited
Founded 1951
Country  United States, Seattle, Washington
Most recent champion(s) 2012: Oh Boy! Oberto- Steve David
Official website Albert Lee Cup at Seafair website

The Albert Lee Cup at Seafair or Seafair Cup, is a hydroplane boat race in the H1 Unlimited season. The race is typically held late July or early August on Lake Washington in Seattle, Washington, USA. The race is the main attraction of the annual Seafair festival. Seattle has hosted the Seafair Cup consecutively since 1951.


Most of the H1 Unlimited hydroplane fleet calls Seattle home. The Emerald City has hosted the Unlimiteds every year since 1951. Lou Fageol won the very first Seattle race driving Stan Sayres' SLO-MO-SHUN V.

Seattle is the third oldest Unlimited race site. In terms of consecutive years of participation, the race is the longest continuously running event on the schedule—while Detroit Gold Cup and the Madison Regatta have seniority over Seattle, there have been years both races were not held.

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