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Seagate Software was an international software corporation headquartered in Scotts Valley, California, United States. It was a majority owned subsidiary of Seagate Technology, the largest independent disc drive and related components company in the world.

The company had two divisions:

  • Network and Storage Management Group.
  • Information Management Group.

Network and Storage Management Group[edit]

The Network and Storage Management Group developed and sold software for backing data up, and ensuring smooth running of computer networks. The group was sold to VERITAS Software in 1999 in a deal worth $3.1 Billion.[1]

Seagate Software was formed in October 1995 following the acquisition of Arcada Software and other companies. The founding president of Seagate Software was Kevin Azzouz, well known serial entrepreneur and technology investor who is also a regular participant in private equity and venture capital funds.

The Arcada acquisition was announced in late September, 1995 as part of the merger with Conner Peripherals.

Information Management Group[edit]

Main article: Crystal Decisions

The Information Management Group developed and sold software for the business intelligence market. It was formed by the acquisition of Holistic Systems (of Holos) and Crystal Services (of Crystal Reports).

Following the sale of NSMG to VERITAS, the company rebranded the remaining company Crystal Decisions.[2] The name was chosen after more respondents in a survey identified Crystal Decisions as the manufacturer of Crystal Reports rather than the then correct Seagate Software.