Seahaven Towers (solitaire)

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Seahaven Towers
A Patience game
Family Castle
Deck Single 52-card
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Seahaven Towers is a Patience card game that uses a deck of 52 playing cards.


Game play is very similar to FreeCell, except that cards are built down in suit, and only a king or a sequence starting with a king may be placed on empty tableau spots. There are ten columns, instead of eight. In the initial deal five cards are dealt to each column, leaving two cards in hand.


The suit restriction makes the game more difficult. This is counterbalanced by there being more columns of fewer cards.

Computer implementations[edit]

A Seahaven Towers card game was provided with the Silicon Graphics, Inc. IRIX operating system. This implementation included an automated solver that could determine whether a particular game could be solved.

There was also an Apple Macintosh version, circa 1995.

Seahaven Towers is included in AisleRiot Solitaire as "Seahaven", a part of GNOME Games.

Seahaven Towers is supported by present (and most past) versions of the open source PySol solitaire implementation, including PySolFC.[1] It is also a built-in game in Pretty Good Solitaire[2] and Wiz Solitaire.


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