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Seal commonly refers to:

  • Pinniped, a diverse group of semi-aquatic marine mammals, many of which are commonly called seals
  • Seal (emblem), an emblem used as a means of authentication; both an impression in paper, wax, clay or other medium, and the device used
  • Seal (mechanical), a device which helps prevent leakage, contain pressure, or exclude contamination where two systems join

Seal may also refer to:






  • Barry Seal (1939–1986), a drug smuggler and DEA informant
  • Brajendra Nath Seal (1864–1938), an Indian humanist philosopher and educator
  • David Seal (born 1972), an Australian soccer player
  • Elizabeth Seal (born 1933), an Italian actress
  • Frances Thurber Seal, an American Christian Science practitioner and teacher
  • Jaynie Seal (born 1973), an Australian television presenter
  • Jimmy Seal (born 1950), an English footballer
  • Kevin Seal, an MTV VJ in the late 1980s, the host of the pilot of Club MTV
  • Manuel Seal, Jr., an American songwriter-producer
  • Mike Seal (born 1970), the Assistant Conductor of the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra
  • Mike Seal (fighter) (born 1977), Mexican mixed martial artist
  • Mutty Lall Seal (1792–1854), a Bengali Indian businessman and philanthropist
  • Paul Seal (born 1952), a former American football tight end in the National Football League
  • Seal (musician) (born 1963), British soul and R&B singer-songwriter
  • Sudhangshu Seal (born 1945), a member of the 14th Lok Sabha of India
  • Tong Seal (born 1346), legendary Burmese ruler



  • Seal of the prophets, a title given to the Islamic prophet, Muhammad
  • Seal script, ancient Chinese calligraphy
  • seal, in Mormonism, to perform or be a participant in a ritual intended to make family relationships permanent, even after death
  • Security seal, a device used to show whether a locking device has been opened
  • "Seal", a generic term for the surface treatment of sealed roads (and by extension, a term used for the roads themselves)

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