Sealy Tarns

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Sealy Tarns is a small flat area on the Mueller Ridge that is accessible from the Hooker Valley and Mount Cook Village via a blazed DOC track. The track is extremely steep and features many switchbacks and steps built of large timber anchored into the ground. The area features a tarn (hence its name), an area suitable for tobogganing on the side of the ridge, and an excellent view of The Footstool, Aoraki/Mount Cook, both Hooker and Mueller Glaciers and their respective glacial lakes, and Mount Cook Village.

Panoramic overview[edit]

Panorama taken at the lower track entrance to Sealy Tarns

This combined-image panorama was taken in the Winter of 2007 in the afternoon. From left-to-right the notable features are:

  • The blazed track further up the ridge to Mueller Hut
  • A snow-covered area with toboggan tracks
  • Two DOC signs indicating the tarns area with the tarns themselves snow-covered in the background
  • The Footstool
  • A single wooden park bench (presumably maintained by DOC) is barely visible at the top of the small hill to the right of the tarns
  • In center of frame, top-to-bottom:
  • The Mt Cook valley, the village itself is hidden behind the ridge on the right