Sean Colig

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Sean Colig
Born (1976-05-21) May 21, 1976 (age 38)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Genres Punk rock, heavy metal, hardcore, rap metal
Instruments Electric guitar, bass guitar
Years active 1993–present
Associated acts SNFU, Savannah, Minority, SideSixtySeven

Sean Colig (born May 21, 1976 in Toronto, Ontario) is a Canadian musician and record producer who serves as the guitarist for the punk rock band SNFU. He has previously played with Savannah, SideSixtySeven and Minority.


Early years (1993–2006)[edit]

Colig co-founded and played guitar with the Vancouver, British Columbia-based rap metal band Minority from 1993 to 1997.[1] In 1996, the band took first place in Vancouver's 99.3 C-Fox Seeds radio contest amid 200 entries. This earned them local and nation-wide popularity, and they went on to open for Pantera, White Zombie, Ice-T's Body Count, Sublime, Biohazard, Deftones, Korn, and numerous other group. During his stint with Minority, Colig also began working in record production.

In 1998 Colig next co-founded the skate punk band SideSixtySeven, for whom he served as bassist for eight years. Following his 2006 departure, the band remained active.

With Savannah and SNFU (2006–present)[edit]

Colig joined the Vancouver and Edmonton-based heavy metal band Savannah in 2006, four years after their formation, replacing guitarist Ricco Forester. The group soon released their debut album The Road To.. with producer Devin Townsend,[2] and continued extensive touring across North America.

Savannah toured with the influential skate punk band SNFU in 2010. During the tour, Colig often joined the group as a guest second guitarist.[1] Soon thereafter, Colig went on to join SNFU as its guitarist and harmony vocalist, completing their first five-piece lineup in 12 years. He and the group soon began their work on writing and recording sessions for their first studio release since 2004.


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