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Born Sean Patrick Reiley
(1976-06-15) June 15, 1976 (age 38)
Occupation Comedy writer, columnist
Alma mater University of Idaho
Genre Satire, fratire

Sean Patrick Reiley (born June 15, 1976), better known as Seanbaby, is an American writer best known for his comedy website and frequent contributions to video game media outlets Electronic Gaming Monthly[1] and He is also a regular contributor to the humor website His site began as a personal homepage while he was studying for his bachelor's degree in art at the University of Idaho. He continued to expand the page after moving to Portland, and San Francisco.

According to the March 5, 2007 episode of the EGM Live* podcast, the nickname "Seanbaby" originated when an excitable female acquaintance would refer to him as "Sean, baby!"[edit]

Seanbaby's original website houses many reviews of old video games, a substantial section on the old Super-Friends cartoon, critiques on old DC comics, a collection of Hostess Pie ads (with commentary), sarcastic commentary on Christian fundamentalists and hipsters, examples of poorly translated English, reviews of bad movies and comics, ineffective or overblown self-defense techniques, current events, and a photo gallery of himself with friends. Seanbaby's writing frequently exhibits cynicism and ridicule.

Recent activity[edit]

Seanbaby was a frequent writer for Electronic Gaming Monthly. In addition to his reviews and other content, he wrote a monthly column concerning bad games entitled "Rest of The Crap." He was a frequent contributor on the popular gaming website, where his EGM work was posted. He provides commentary on bad games for 1UP's Broken Pixels show. He also writes a column called "The Final Last Word" for The Wave magazine of Silicon Valley.

He was also a writer for the short-lived MTV2 animated comedy show The Adventures of Chico and Guapo. He recently returned to regularly updating and began writing as a columnist for


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