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Examples of assorted season passes

"Season Pass" refers to a ticket allowing admission to an attraction multiple times during a certain period (a "season"), often a year or the duration of a sports or performance season. Examples of venues that often offer season passes include amusement parks, spectator sports venues (football, baseball, racing), artistic performance venues (theater companies, orchestras, arts festivals), recreational sports venues (ski areas), and paid-admission parks (state and national parks). Some passes may also grant additional perks, such as free or prepaid parking, or coupons exclusive to pass-holders.

It can also refer to the term coined by the manufacturers of the TiVo personal video recorder for the function which allows a user to program the device to record all of the episodes of a series, even if their airings are rescheduled or pre-empted. Similar functions are available on competitive PVR systems and software packages such as ReplayTV and IceTV.

It can also refer to a special purchase available for certain video games, which typically allows the owner access to some or all future DLC for the game for a one-time fee. Access to each DLC becomes available as it is released. Some Season Passes have unique names, such as the "Rockstar Pass" for L.A. Noire (2011) and Max Payne 3 (2012).