Seaview, Clifton Beach

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Dolmen Mall Clifton a Shopping Mall and Commercial High-rise Complex at Clifton Beach.

Seaview is a beach in Karachi, Sindh Pakistan.

The Seaview beach is a section of Clifton beach located in Clifton. It is one of the most popular entertainment sites in Karachi. The beach needs serious attention and consideration of the city government, as the area has become increasingly dirty and unpleasant. The water has become polluted due to an oil tank falling from a ship and thus toxicating the water.

A popular incident occurred on the twitter-sphere when Mansoor, in his attempt to start a city war, trolled people by posting a photo of Netty Jetty bridge and calling it Seaview. This sparked outrage from all sections of society. Mansoor later apologized.

Lighting arrangements are only good thing of beach. Seaview also has a number of restaurants. Clifton Beach, or Sea View is the only cheapest and easily accessible picnic point of Karachi.

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