Sebastian Edathy

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Sebastian Edathy
SebastianEdathy 2013 12476960065.jpg
Member of the Bundestag
In office
1998 – 7 February 2014
Personal details
Born (1969-09-05) 5 September 1969 (age 45)
Hanover, Lower Saxony
Nationality German
Political party Social Democratic Party
Alma mater University of Hannover
Profession Sociologist

Sebastian Edathy (German pronunciation: [eˈdaːti], born 5 September 1969 as Sebastian Edathiparambil) is a German politician. He was a prominent member of the Social Democratic Party and became the chairman of a key committee in January 2012 at the Parliament, which was investigating failures of police and intelligence units in the serial murders of nine immigrants by the far-right German terrorist groupNational Socialist Underground″ (NSU) from 2000-2007. The NSU committee questioned various officials from Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Office during 2012 and 2013.

Early life[edit]

Edathy was born in Hanover, Lower Saxony, the son of an immigrant from Kerala, India and a German mother.[1] He has studied sociology and published books on immigration and right-wing extremism. He has been an SPD member of the German parliament (Bundestag) since 1998, representing Nienburg II – Schaumburg. He was a member of former German chancellor Gerhard Schröder's red-green coalition, and a member of chancellor Angela Merkel's grand coalition. He was the chairman of the Bundestag Committee on Interior Affairs and was chairman of the German-Indian group of members of parliament. He was reelected in the general elections in September 2009 and again in the September 2013 general elections.


Edathy announced his resignation from parliament "for health reasons" on February 7, 2014. Just two days after his resignation went public, his home and offices were searched by authorities; media outlets asserted that the searches were made on allegations of possession of child pornography.[2] 14 February 2014, Hans-Peter Friedrich, resigned from the ruling CDU–SPD grand coalition government reacting to imminent legal investigations into incidents during his tenure as Federal Minister of the Interior. Friedrich was accused of betraying state secrets about legal investigations to SPD party heads during the coalition negotiations after the federal elections in 2013 about information showing Edathy's link to a globally-operating child pornography syndicate and plans to take up an investigation against Edathy on suspicion of possessing such material. "The SPD's top leaders, who received the intelligence information from Friedrich, said they have not given any tip-off to Edathy and they kept the information secret."[3] They are Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel, who is also Merkel's deputy; Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier; and the party's parliamentary leader, Thomas Oppermann.

Edathy admitted to having purchased some material by a Canadian firm, but he denied the allegations of possessing child pornographic content, he insisted the material he purchased was "unambiguously legal".

The criminal investigation into child pornography turned into a crisis for Germany's new grand coalition government and the Federal Criminal Police Office (Bundeskriminalamt, BKA) came under growing pressure for its role in the scandal after reports revealed serious failures in the investigation of child porn claims against Edathy. The BKA received documents from Canadian authorities in October 2011 that involved possible child porn claims about Edathy, but it only conveyed documents to the state authorities in Lower Saxony two years after, in late 2013 for further investigation.

Politicians from the socialist The Left, Green and the conservative liberal Free Democrat parties all voiced disbelief that the BKA did not know. Die Linke chief Bernd Riexinger: "It is absolutely not plausible that information about Edathy did not reach the BKA". FDP vice chairman Wolfgang Kubicki told that in the ranks of the BKA "either idiots were at work or they were trying to avoid a scandal".[4] Even the Christian Social Union – the Bavarian sister party of Chancellor Merkel's dominant CDU – expressed confusion, interior spokesman Stephan Mayer: “It is inexplicable that the BKA did not notice that Edathy's name was on the list of child porn buyers".[5]

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