Sébastien Breteau

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Sébastien Breteau
Sébastien Breteau
Sébastien Breteau
Born (1971-09-05) September 5, 1971 (age 43)
Nationality  France French
Occupation CEO of AsiaInspection, French Foreign Trade Advisor
Awards Best SME award 2006 from CCIFC

Sébastien Breteau (born September 5, 1971, in Bordeaux, France) is an entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of AsiaInspection, a quality control service provider founded in Hong Kong,[1][2] and the Breteau Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides digital education tools to teachers and students in developing countries.[3] He is also a French Foreign Trade Advisor (CCE) for China.[4]

Early Life and Education[edit]

Sébastien Breteau was born in Bordeaux on September 5, 1971. He attended Arts et Métiers ParisTech, a French Engineering school and graduated in 1992. He also attended the HEC Business School in Paris and graduated in 1997.


Early career[edit]

Sébastien Breteau started his career in the Sagem group in Hong Kong developing his experience in the Asian supply chain.[5] Following his graduation from HEC Paris in 1997 he founded SEBO in Hong Kong. Specialized in the conception and export of promotional products and packaging for French industrial groups, SEBO has opened offices in France, China, Bangladesh, the United Kingdom and Denmark. In 1997, he was the first to import tamagotchis from China to France.[6]


In 2002, he founded AsiaInspection, a quality control service provider specialized in consumer goods for western SME’s producing in China.[7] The company today has 650 employees[8] offering product inspections, audits and lab testing services in 19 countries throughout Asia.[9]

AsiaInspection received the Best SME award from Christine Lagarde, then Minister of Commerce and Industry of French Republic, on behalf of the French Chamber of Commerce in 2006[10] for the development of their proprietary quality control online platform.[11] In 2006, he sold SEBO and he focused on the development of AsiaInspection.

In 2011, he forged a joint venture between AsiaInspection and Silliker, a Mérieux NutriScience company, to perform food inspections in Asia.[12]

Community Involvement[edit]

In 2013, he founded the Breteau Foundation, which aims at promoting education for children in developing countries.[13] The Foundation develops and curates education materials and tools for the highest number of grade 1 to 5 children in emerging countries. These contents are then localised and a distributed through local web platforms in classrooms.

Other Work and Honours[edit]

  • Sébastien Breteau is a recognized expert in outsourced manufacturing and the quality control services industry ([14] · [15] · [16] · [17] · [18] · [19]). The Wall Street Journal and Forbes quoted Sebastien Breteau on the increase in demand for social audits following the Rana Plaza and other tragic accidents which caused massive loss of life in the manufacturing industry in Asia during 2012 and 2013.[20][21] Following the revelation in July 2014 that Shanghai based Husi Food Co. was supplying major western food chains with expired meat products, he was interviewed by the Financial Times,[22] Bloomberg [23] and The Associated Press.[24] He has also discussed food safety in China with the New York Times.[25]
  • French Foreign Trade Advisor in China.[26]
  • Angel investor.
  • Sponsor of the Louvre museum.


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