Sebeș–Turda Motorway

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Sebeș–Turda Motorway
Autostrada Sebeș–Turda
Route information
Maintained by Compania Națională de Autostrăzi și Drumuri Naționale din România
Length: 0.00 km (0.00 mi)
70 km (43 mi) planned
28.7 km (17.8 mi) under construction
Major junctions
From: Sebeș (Junction with A1)
To: Turda (Junction with A3)
Highway system
Roads in Romania

The Sebeș–Turda Motorway (Romanian: Autostrada Sebeș–Turda) is a under construction motorway in the central-western part of Romania which will connect the motorways A1 and A3, between the cities of Sebeș and Turda, also providing access to Alba Iulia and Aiud. It is planned to be 70 km long, with a total cost of 420 million euro, which is financed in proportion of 85% from the European funds, the rest of 15% being insured from the state budget. The motorway will be divided in four sections and the works will begin in 2014.[1] It will reportedly have the A10 designation.[2] Works for lots 3 and 4 began on 20 May and the other two lots execution term will begin in June or July.[3]


The construction is split into the following four segments, the contracts for which have been awarded in December 2013:[4]

  • Lot 1: 17.0 km, from the highway entrance near the interchange with the A1 motorway at Sebeș to Paraul Iovului, awarded to the building consortium of Impregilo SpA & Salini SpA, for a cost of 539,488,704 lei.
  • Lot 2: 24.3 km, from Paraul Iovului to Aiud, awarded to building consortium of RCM Costruzioni SRL, Imob Lux Construct SRL, Consinit SRL, Societatea de Constructii Napoca SA, Impresa Ferrara SNC Di Angela & Rossella Ferrara, T Dancor Romconstruct SRL, Shelter Construct SRL, Associazione Cooperativa Muratori & Affini Ravenna SCPA, Schiavo & C. SpA, Eurocerad International SRL, for a cost of 460,019,270 lei.
  • Lot 3: 12.5 km, from Aiud to the Decea interchange, awarded to the building consortium of Tirrena Scavi SpA and Societa Italiana per Condotte d'Acqua SpA, for a cost of 420,511,921 lei.
  • Lot 4: 16.3 km, from the Decea interchange to the interchange with the A3 motorway near Turda, awarded to Porr Construct SRL and Porr Bau GmbH, for a cost of 470,004,894 lei.

The results of the award have been challenged by some of the companies not winning the bid in early January 2014, and construction work might thus be delayed.[5]

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Exit list[edit]

Exits and buildings (Northbound)
Sebeș – Turda (70 km)
Interchange km 0 Sebeș North A1
Service area km 4 Parking
Exit km 8 Alba Iulia DN1
Exit km 16 Alba Iulia North DN1 Note: only in the plans for an Expressway, might not be built
Exit km 26 Teiuş, Blaj DN14B
Exit km 45 Aiud DN1
Exit km 53 Decea, Unirea, Ocna Mureş DN1 Note: only in the plans for an Expressway, might not be built
Service area km 60 Parking
Interchange km 70 Turda A3


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