Seberang Jaya

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Seberang Jaya
Country Malaysia
State Penang
District Central Seberang Perai
 • State assemblymen Dr. Afif Bahardin (PKR)
Time zone Malaysian Standard Time (UTC+8)
Postal code 13700

Seberang Jaya is a township located in the state of Penang, Malaysia. The Seberang Jaya hospital is the famous hospital here. Many of the Kulim and Bukit Mertajams' patients will be sent to here for major treatments. Seberang Jaya is very near to Chai Leng Park which is a small food heaven. It is also very near to Perai, the main industrial area of the northern Malaysia. A Sunway Hotel also found here to let travellers sightseeing the Butterworth scenery and the Penang scenery.

A Tesco Extra is also located at the township. This TESCO is a huge hypermarket in the Greater Butterworth City of Penang. It is a double-storey building. Secondly, the Sunway Carnival Mall is also situated here. This shopping mall usually will invite some artist to come here for entertainment. The shopping mall is a triple-storey building and one lowerground. The shape of car park of the mall is rounding up 3 rounds and a parking site below. A PARKSON is inside it and the performance stage of the mall is looking special. In addition, the public universities also usually will take this well-know shopping area to share information to the pre-university students.

Beside that, the road near the AEON BIG travellers will be looking some monkeys beside the river. There is a small monkey bay there. This road also will bring some travelers getting into Permatang Nibong road to Penanti, Bukit Mertajam and Permatang Pauh. Moreover, A Penang Megamall also found near Seberang Jaya. Penang Megamall is the first largest shopping mall in Penang. It is a 5th floor mall and it has the spiral staircase inside to go upper floors near the stage.

Furthermore, Seberang Jaya highway interchange is the second biggest highway interchange in the region of Penang. This is because Seberang Jaya highway town interchange is the intersection of the two expressways. It is a 6 lanes flyover highway on the top. The Seberang Jaya highway roundabout will 3 lanes is located at the middle and there is a undergo bypass along the BKE expressways. Last but not least, the people from the north is start entering the Seberang Jaya highway town interchange into the Permatang Pauh bypass. Then, only the Permatang Pauh peple start ramping into the NSE entrance. This Seberang Jaya and Permatang Pauh combining interchange is the first interchange completed in Penang.

There are two Petron petrol station near the Seberang Jaya highway town exit. Next to it is the Malaysia Penang Imigresen Department. It is a tall building located at the corner of the Kulim-Ipoh expressway.

There is also a Chinese secondary school in Seberang Jaya, Seng Keow. The secondary school in Seberang Jaya is it's SMK. There is also a reservoir near Seberang Jaya, the Butterworth-Kulim U-Turn flyover had also been prepared for the travelers. This infrastructure is the biggest U-Turn flyover in Malaysia passing through the reservoir.

The Sunway Carnival Convention Centre also situated in the Seberang Jaya Carnival Mall. A not uncommon Maxis Centre is also situated near the Sunway Carnival.

Getting There[edit]

North Bound[edit]

  • 5 kilometres from Hentian Sebelah Sungai Juru
  • 22 kilometres from Hentian Sebelah Sungai Bakap
  • 45 kilometres from Hentian Sebelah Alor Pongsu, Kedah

North Bound[edit]

  • 4 kilometres from Persimpangan Bukit Tambun
  • 8 kilometres from Persimpangan Jambatan Kedua Pulau Pinang
  • 17 kilometres from Persimpangan Jawi

Exit Seberang Jaya when reaching Grik (TIMUR), Kulim and Butterworth junction. Until the well-known roadabout, follow Butterworth sign and turn left after McDonalds.


  • PLUS Highway
  • Butterworth Kulim Expressway
  • General Hospital
  • Raja Uda Town
  • Sunway Hotel
  • The Light Hotel


Shopping complexes[edit]


  • Hospital Seberang Jaya


  • SK Seberang Jaya
  • SK Seberang Jaya 2
  • SMK Seberang Jaya
  • SMK Tun Hussein Onn


  • Seberang Jaya Mosque

Swimming pool[edit]

  • Seberang Jaya Public Swimming Pool


  • Penang State Library

Bird park[edit]

  • Penang Bird Park

Coordinates: 5°23′N 100°25′E / 5.383°N 100.417°E / 5.383; 100.417