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Born c. 1790–1800
Died July 7, 1851
Other names Sebitwane and Sibutuane
Known for Establishing Makololo nation
Title King (chief) of the Makololo tribe
Successor Queen Mamochisane
Spouse(s) Queen Setlutlu
Queen Kololo
Children Queen Mamochisane
King Sekeletu
Prince Mpepe
Relatives Princes Sesane and Litali (grandsons)

Sebetwane (born c. 1790–1800 – died July 7, 1851) was a Southern African king, Basotho chief. He established the large and powerful Makololo nation in what is now southwestern Zambia after an arduous migration from his original home, Free State Province.


King's names also can be written as Sebitwane or Sibutuane.


After briefly settling near the Victoria Falls, in 1838 Sebetwane passed the Zambesi River and conquered the Lozi's kingdom. He was both able to conciliate Makololo and Lozi and repel two attacks brought against him by Mzilikazi, king of the Ndebele. He died on July 7, 1851, shortly after meeting at Linyati, his capital, the explorer David Livingstone, with whom he developed a warm friendship.


Distinguished as both a warrior and a statesman, Sebetwane was able to consolidate his military gains by his generous and just treatment of the conquered peoples. He maintained a peaceful kingdom.[citation needed]


Sebetwane had a wife named Setlutlu. He was succeeded by his daughter Mamochisane, who soon stepped down in favour of her half-brother Sekeletu. He also had a son named Mpepe, who was an enemy of Sekeletu, and grandson called Litali.

His brother Mbololo later became a king.


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