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A second is a unit of time.

Second or Seconds may also refer to


  • 2 (number), as an ordinal (also written as 2nd, 2d or 2nd)
  • Arcsecond, a unit of angle commonly used in longitude and latitude values
  • Second of right ascension, in astronomy


Business and trade[edit]

  • Used goods, items that have been used before being resold
  • Factory seconds, new goods sold for a discount because of minor imperfections




Sports and games[edit]

Second dealing, a way of cheating in card games

Generally, an assistant. For example:
  • Delivers the second set of stones in curling;
  • The agent of a participant in a duel;
  • The cornerman in combative sports such as boxing;
  • Assistant to a chess player;
  • Climber who follows the lead climber in rock climbing.


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