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Tổng cục Tình báo or Tổng cục 2 (translated variously as General Department of Military Intelligence or Second General Department) is an intelligence agency of the State of Vietnam.

The current Director of TC2 is Lieutenant General Luu Duc Huy

Officially part of the Ministry of Defence, TC2 is directly responsible to the Communist Party of Vietnam and the President.[1] TC2's powers were officially established by law by in the 1990s, but existed de facto for some time before that — it is believed, for example, to have been active during the Vietnamese occupation of Cambodia. Despite its naming as a military intelligence body, its work covers a broad range of interests — by law, it is permitted to "be active in the fields of politics, defence, security, foreign relations, economics, science and technology, industry and the environment, society and culture".[2] It is responsible for both internal and external intelligence.

TC2 has been accused by some groups of human rights abuses and political interference.[3]


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