Seconds Apart

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Seconds Apart
Directed by Antonio Negret
Produced by Damian Shannon
Mark Swift
Gregory M. Walker
Courtney Solomon
Franklin A. Vallette
Written by George Richards
Starring Orlando Jones
Edmund Entin
Gary Entin
Music by Lior Rosner
Cinematography Yaron Levy
Edited by William Leh
Distributed by After Dark Films (theatrical)
Lionsgate (USA, DVD)
Release dates
  • January 28, 2011 (2011-01-28)
Running time 89 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $1,000,000
Box office $13,345,567

Seconds Apart is a 2011 American horror/thriller film.


After the death of four high school students (the last two from playing Russian Roulette), Detective Lampkin launches an investigation. While interviewing students in the school, one student named Katie Dunn mentions the weird twins, Jonah and Seth Trimble. Lampkin summons the brothers for interrogation. Lampkin is a haunted man, traumatized by his inability to save his beloved wife from a fire, deeply scarring both his face and his soul. He often goes to his psychiatrist to cure him of his wife's death, but it proves to no avail.

After the subsequent deaths of Katie and the pedophile Kirby, Lampkin deduces that the Trimble twins possess evil telepathic and telekinetic powers which they use to force people to harm themselves, as well as a priest named Father Zinselmeyer, whom they force to cut open his Leg to remove a parasite, which causes him to bleed to death. Further into his investigation, Lampkin discovers that the evil twins are the result of an experiment that their parents were a part of years ago. Rita and Owen Trimble, bound to wheelchairs after an accident, try to warn Lampkin, but Seth has them killed. However, his superiors neither trust his judgment nor his conclusions because they believe he is still grieving the tragic loss of his wife. Meanwhile, Jonah falls in love with another student named Eve, causing friction with Seth.

The deeper that Jonah falls in love with Eve, the further he distances himself from Seth, and the angrier Seth gets. Jonah then tells Seth he wants nothing more to do with their "project". Seth reacts by pretending to be Jonah and has sex with Eve to "prove" to Jonah that Eve can't tell them apart and so can't really be as close to him as he thinks. Jonah psychically confronts Seth at their home and a fire breaks out, engulfing the house. Seth and Jonah begin fighting and it's brother against brother.

Eve tries to intervene by shooting Seth in the leg, angering Jonah. Seth then threatens Eve again and Jonah lunges at him, throwing him to the burning floor, causing them both to fall through the floor and into the living room where they ultimately die. At the very end of the film, Detective Lampkin saves Eve from the fire by wrapping her up in a blanket and dragging her outside. As he slowly dies from the burns he received, Detective Lampkin looks at Eve and sees the smiling face of his dead wife, now knowing he is free of his guilt.


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