Secret Agent (1947 film)

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Secret Agent
Podvig razvedchika (plakat).jpg
Directed by Boris Barnet
Produced by Kiev film studio
Written by Mikhail Blajman
Konstantin Isayev
Mikhail Maklyarsky
Starring Pavel Kadochnikov
Sergey Martinson
Music by D. Klebanov
Oskar Sandler
Cinematography Daniil Demutsky
Release dates
  • 1947 (1947)
Running time 87 min.
Country Soviet Union
Language Russian

Secret Agent (Russian: Подвиг разведчика, translit. Podvig razvedchika) is a 1947 Soviet spy film directed by Boris Barnet based on a novel The deed remains unknown (Russian: Подвиг остается неизвестным) by Mikhail Maklyarsky with Pavel Kadochnikov in the leading role. Film also known as Secret Mission, Secrets of Counter-Espionage, The Scout's Exploit.

It was the first film about the actions of Soviet intelligence officers who made a sweep behind enemy lines in World War II. The film became the predecessor and inspirer of all Soviet spy films, including Seventeen Moments of Spring. It is based on real events of the biography of Nikolai Khokhlov.

The film was the leader of Soviet distribution in 1947 and had 22.73 million viewers.


Soviet intelligence officer Aleksey Fedotov by the name of Heinrich Eckert departs for German occupied Vinnytsia. His purpose is to obtain the secret correspondence of General Kuhn with the Hitler's headquarters. When his radio operator, sent to Aleksey, is executed, Fedotov is forced to search for a contact through the local underground, but accidentally he discovers that one of the underground workers is a provocateur.



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