Secret Mountain Fort Awesome

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Secret Mountain Fort Awesome
SMFAtitle card.jpg
Genre Comedy
Created by Peter Browngardt
Written by Peter Browngardt
Brett Varon
Audie Harrison
Greg Miller
Chris Reccardi
Noel Belknap
Ian Jones-Quartey
Clay Morrow
Mike Stern
Chad Coyle
Stephen DeStefano
Fred Belford (story)
David P. Smith (story)
Dave Tennant (story)
Directed by Sue Mondt (art)
Robert Alvarez and Larry Leichliter (animation)
Creative director(s) Chris Reccardi
Voices of Peter Browngardt
Pat Duke
Steve Little
Paul Rugg
Composer(s) Mike Conte
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 26 (18 aired) (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Peter Browngardt
David P. Smith
Producer(s) Pernelle Hayes
Running time 11 minutes
Production company(s) Cartoon Network Studios
Distributor Warner Bros. Television
Original channel Cartoon Network
Original run August 1, 2011 (2011-08-01) – February 17, 2012 (2012-02-17)[1]
Related shows Uncle Grandpa
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Secret Mountain Fort Awesome is an American animated television series, created by Peter Browngardt (former storyboard artist on Chowder) and produced at Cartoon Network Studios for Cartoon Network. The show was developed from the idea of a portal unleashing monsters on the world, which was used in The Cartoonstitute short "Uncle Grandpa". The show was announced on April 21, 2010.[2] A sneak peek was shown on August 1, 2011, and it officially premiered on September 26, 2011. Unaired episodes from season 2 released on iTunes on March 29, 2012, and were also available on Netflix on March 30, 2013. As of January 18, 2013, reruns were shown on the revived Cartoon Planet animation block, but were discontinued on March 1, 2013.


The series focuses on a group of five monsters called "Disgustoids", named Festro, Gweelok, The Fart, Dingle, and Slog. They come to Earth and try to find a way for themselves and the humans to live together in harmony, but they run into problems along the way.


Secret Mountain Fort Awesome series overview
Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
Pilot 2008
1 10 August 1, 2011 December 16, 2011
2 16 December 30, 2011 March 29, 2012 (iTunes)


main Characters of the series, Festro, Gweelok, The Fart, Dingle, and Slog
  • Festro (voiced by Peter Browngardt) – The main monster and leader of the group. He is purple with two sharp teeth and some hair and only wears underwear and a pair of tennis shoes. Festro has bionic eyes given to him by Gweelok after a pair of thick-lensed glasses burned out his eyes. His eye color is green.
  • The Fart (voiced by Pat Duke) – The Fart's body is peach-colored and has a shape of buttocks, and farts when people touch him or when he is dancing. He wears a green belt with a golden heart on it. He is the only Disgustoid that is not insane. He does not like it when the Disgustoids read his secret diary which he hides under his bed. His eye color is light blue.
  • Gweelok (voiced by Paul Rugg) – Gweelok is a green ball with a strange Russian or Estonian accent, pimples, no legs, and human arms, with three fingers on each hand and a watch on one wrist. He is the smartest of the Disgustoids and is obsessed with technology, especially the internet where he spends most of his time.
  • Dingle (voiced by Peter Browngardt) – Dingle is blue and extremely thin with strings of hair representing ears (he also has very sharp teeth). He is much like a dog and usually speaks bizarre gibberish. It is known that he sleeps in a cave, upside down, with his arms crossed like a bat.
  • Slog (voiced by Steve Little) – Slog has black fur, an orange shirt, and a big human nose that is full of snot. He has red eyes.
  • Kev (voiced by Peter Browngardt) – Kev is a destructive teenager who is a recurring character, that mainly appeared in background roles in some episodes (such as "The 6th Disgustoid" and "Teleport-A-Potty"). He is also a recurring character on Uncle Grandpa. The character originally appeared in a live-action film starring Browngardt called The Last American. [1]


Year Award Category Nominee(s) Result
2012 Annecy International Animated Film Festival Best TV Production Peter Browngardt
(for "Nightmare Sauce")
2012 Annie Awards Production Design in a Television Production[3] Chris Tsirgiotis, Sue Mondt, Daniel Elson, and Mark Bodnar Won
Character Design in a Television Production[3] Robert Ryan Cory Nominated
Primetime Emmy Awards Outstanding Individual in Animation[4] Robert Ryan Cory
(for "Nightmare Sauce")
Chris Tsirgiotis
(for "Nightmare Sauce")
2013 Annie Awards Character Design in an Animated Television or Other Broadcast Venue Production[5] Thaddeus Paul Couldron
(for "Secret Mountain Uncle Grandpa")

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