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Secretary General of the State Council (Chinese: 国务院秘书长; pinyin: Guówùyuàn Mìshūzhǎng) is an executive position within the State Council of the People's Republic of China. It subordinates below the Premier and above the Ministers of various ministries and departments.[1][2]

The current secretary general is Yang Jin.


The Secretary General is responsible for the day to day work of the State Council and is in charge of the State Council General Office.[3]

List of Secretary Generals[edit]

# Name Start of Term End of Term
Secretary General of the Government Administration Council of the Central People's Government
1 Li Weihan October 1949 September 1953
2 Xi Zhongxun September 1953 September 1954
Secretary General of the State Council of the People's Republic of China
1 Xi Zhongxun September 1954 January 1965
2 Zhou Rongxin January 1965 January 1975
post abolished
3 Jin Ming June 1979 February 1980
4 Ji Pengfei February 1980 May 1982
5 Du Xingyuan (杜星垣) May 1982 June 1983
6 Tian Jiyun June 1983 September 1985
7 Chen Junsheng (陈俊生) September 1985 March 1993
8 Luo Gan March 1993 March 1998
9 Wang Zhongyu March 1998 March 2003
10 Hua Jianmin March 2003 March 2008
11 Ma Kai March 2008 March 2013
12 Yang Jin March 2013 Incumbent


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