Secretary for Home Affairs

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Hong Kong
Special Administrative Region

Secretary for Home Affairs
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Tsang Tak-Sing.jpg
Tsang Tak-sing

since 1 July 2007
Home Affairs Bureau
Style The Honourable
Appointer Central People's Government
nomination by Chief Executive
Inaugural holder David Lan
Formation 1 July 1997
Website HAB

The Secretary for Home Affairs (Chinese: 民政事務局局長) is the head of the Home Affairs Bureau of the Government of Hong Kong, which is responsible for local issues, and the provision of community, leisure, and cultural services.

List of office holders[edit]

Colonial period[edit]


Secretariat for Chinese Affairs[edit]

Secretariat for Home Affairs[edit]

Secretary for District Administration[edit]

Secretary for Home Affairs[edit]

After transfer of the sovereignty to People's Republic of China[edit]

Name Took office Left office
David Lan July 1, 1997 July 9, 2000
Lam Woon-kwong July 10, 2000 June 30, 2002
Patrick Ho July 1, 2002 June 30, 2007
Tsang Tak-sing July 1, 2007 Incumbent*

*Re-appointed 1 July 2012

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