Section 3 of the Constitution of Australia

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Section 3 of the Constitution of Australia deals with the issue of the salary of Governor General. The salary of Governor-General is paid from the Consolidated Revenue Fund.

The salary of the Governor-General is regulated by the Constitution, which fixed an annual amount of 10,000 pounds, unless the parliament decides otherwise. The Constitution states that the salary of the Governor-General may not be increased during his or her term of office. Under the Governor-General Act of 1974 each new commission has resulted in a pay increase. Today, the law ensures the salary is higher than that for the Chief Justice of the High Court, over a five-year period. The annual salary during Michael Jeffery's term was $365,000.[citation needed] Quentin Bryce's salary is $394,000.[citation needed] Until 2001, Governors-General did not pay income tax on their salary; this was changed after the Queen agreed to pay tax.

There shall be payable to the Queen out of the Consolidated Revenue fund of the Commonwealth, for the salary of the Governor General, an annual sum which, until the Parliament otherwise provides, shall be ten thousand pounds.

The salary of a Governor General shall not be altered during his continuance in office.

—-Section 3 of the Constitution of Australia


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