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Sectorul Rîșcani is one of the five sectors in Chișinău, the capital of Moldova. The local administration is managed by a pretor appointed by the city administration. It governs over a portion of the city of Chișinău itself (the northeastern part), the town of Cricova, and the communes of Ciorescu, Grătiești, and Stăuceni. It is largely populated by Russians and Ukrainians. To distinguish it from the village of Riscani elsewhere in Moldova it is often referred to as Riscanovca by locals. Riscani's main street is Strada Moscova. There are several parks including a park dedicated to the Soviet victims of the Afghanistan war in 1989.

The main trolleybus lines which serve Riscani are no. 24 and no.13, there are a number of minibuses which stop regularly along Str. Moscova and other points in the city. There is a large park near to the Afghanistan memorial park containing a large lake and woodland. Riscani is somewhat separated from the rest of Chisinau by a bridge. One notable building (now disused) in Riscani is the old state circus which has now fallen into disrepair.

Riscani is represented every year by dancers and stallholders during the Day of Chisinau.

Cricova (town)
Ciorescu (commune)    
Grătiești (commune)
Stăuceni (commune)
Goianul Nou

Coordinates: 47°02′40″N 28°51′42″E / 47.0444444544°N 28.8616666767°E / 47.0444444544; 28.8616666767