Seda, Latvia

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Coat of arms of Seda
Coat of arms
Seda is located in Latvia
Location in Latvia
Coordinates: 57°38′N 25°45′E / 57.633°N 25.750°E / 57.633; 25.750Coordinates: 57°38′N 25°45′E / 57.633°N 25.750°E / 57.633; 25.750
Country  Latvia
Municipality Strenči municipality
Town rights 1991
 • Total 1,744
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)
Postal code LV-4728
Calling code +371 647

Seda (About this sound pronunciation ) is a town in Latvia founded in 1952. The major local industry is extraction of peat. The town is remarkable for its 1950s-style Stalinist architecture, dating from the glory days of Seda, when workers from all over the Soviet Union came to work for the peat extraction enterprise.

Joint stock company "Seda" is still a major employer.

The town and its people were the subject of the documentary film Seda: People of the Marsh (director Kaspars Goba; Latvia/Germany, 2004).


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