Seeadler-class fast attack craft

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Class overview
Builders: Lurssen, Bremen-Vegesack
Operators:  German Navy,  Hellenic Navy
Built: 1957-1960
In commission: 1958-76
Completed: 10
Retired: 10
General characteristics
Type: Torpedo boat (fast attack craft)
Displacement: 183.4 tonnes standard, 210 tonnes full load
Length: 42.6 m
Beam: 7.1 m
Draught: 2.3 m
    • 4 Maybach MD 871 diesel engines, 3000PS each (replaced by MD 872 engines with 3600 PS in the late 1960s)
    • 4 propeller shafts, driving three-bladed propellers of 1.15m diameter
    • Bunker: 30t diesel, 1.12t lubricants, 2t fresh water
Speed: 30knots cruise, 36 kts max (later around 43.5kts )
Range: 700nms at 35knots
Complement: 39 officers and enlisted
Sensors and
processing systems:
Navigation radar, Surveillance radar
Armament: 2 Bofors 40mm gun, 3168 rounds of ammunition

The Type 141 Seeadler class fast attack craft differs from Type 140 Jaguar class fast attack craft only in the installation of other, later more powerful diesel engine.

The Seeadler class was replaced in service with the Bundesmarine by the Type 143 Albatros class.

List of boats[edit]

Name Callsign Shipbuilder Launched Com-
P6068 S6 Seeadler DBWE Lürssen February 1, 1958 August 29, 1958 July 30, 1976 To Hellenic Navy as Esperos (decommissioned December 21, 2004)
P6069 S7 Albatros January 27, 1959 December 19, 1975 To Hellenic Navy, for cannibalization
P6070 S8 Kondor February 24, 1959 July 25, 1976 To Hellenic Navy as Lailaps
P6071 S9 Greif March 3, 1959 April 30, 1976 To Hellenic Navy as Kyklos
P6072 S10 Falke April 14, 1959 August 26, 1975 To Hellenic Navy as Kataigis
P6073 S11 Geier June 3, 1959 June 27, 1975 To Hellenic Navy as Tyfon
P6074 S25 Bussard March 21, 1959 November 28, 1975 To Hellenic Navy, for cannibalization
P6075 S26 Habicht May 21, 1959 August 24, 1976 To Hellenic Navy as Kataurus
P6076 S27 Sperber July 1, 1959 December 27, 1976 To Hellenic Navy, for cannibalization
P6077 S28 Kormoran November 9, 1959 November 26, 1976 To Hellenic Navy as Scorpius

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