Seeds of Change (album)

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Seeds of Change
Studio album by Kerry Livgren
Released 1980
Recorded 1979
Genre Progressive rock
Length 63:15
Label Kirshner
Producer Kerry Livgren, Brad Aaron
Kerry Livgren chronology
Seeds of Change
One of Several Possible Musiks
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AllMusic 3/5 stars[1]

Seeds of Change is Kerry Livgren's first solo album. Released in 1980 while he still was a member of Kansas, it features guest appearances by three fellow Kansas members: Steve Walsh, Phil Ehart and Robby Steinhardt. Singer Ronnie James Dio and members of LeRoux, Jethro Tull and Ambrosia are also featured. In 1996, Seeds of Change was reissued by Renaissance Records with an interview with Livgren as a bonus track.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Kerry Livgren

  1. "Just One Way" – 5:45
  2. "Mask of the Great Deceiver" – 7:34
  3. "How Can You Live" – 4:12
  4. "Whiskey Seed" – 5:33
  5. "To Live For the King" – 6:11
  6. "Down to the Core" – 5:18
  7. "Ground Zero" – 8:33


"Just One Way" (Track #1);
Drums - Barriemore Barlow
Bass - Paul Goddard
Trumpets and percussion - Bobby Campo
Lead vocals - Jeff Pollard
Background vocals - Jeff Pollard, Mylon LeFevre, John Fristoe
guitars, piano, synthesizers - Kerry Livgren
"Mask of the Great Deceiver" (Track #2);
Drums - Barriemore Barlow
Bass - Paul Goddard
vocals - Ronnie James Dio
Guitars, synthesizers - Kerry Livgren
"How Can You Live?" (Track #3);
Drums - Barriemore Barlow
Tambourine - Bobby Campo
Background vocals - John Fristoe, Joey Jelf, Mylon LeFevre
Lead vocals - Steve Walsh
Bass, guitars, piano, organ, synthesizers - Kerry Livgren
"Whiskey Seed" (Track #4);
Drums - Phil Ehart
Bass - Paul Goddard
Vocals - Kerry Livgren, Mylon LeFevre
Harmonica - Darryl Kutz
Background vocals - "The Moaning Multitudes"
Guitars, mongo drums - Kerry Livgren
"To Live For the King" (Track #5);
Drums - John Thompson
Bass - Gary Gilbert
Lead vocals - Ronnie James Dio
Background vocals - Joey Jelf, Steve Walsh, Donna Williams
Guitars - Kerry Livgren
"Down to the Core" (Track #6);
Drums - Barriemore Barlow
Lead vocals - Davy Moire
Background vocals - Victoria Livgren
Horns - Bobby Campo
Bass, guitars, clavinet, Fender Rhodes - Kerry Livgren
"Ground Zero" (Track #7);
Drums - Phil Ehart
Lead vocals - David Pack
Background vocals - Donna Williams, Brad Aaron, Mylon LeFevre, Davy Moire, Steve Venezia
Violins - Robby Steinhardt
Gong - John Thompson
Piano, guitars, synthesizers, percussion - Kerry Livgren