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Sega Amusement Machine Research and Development Department 2 (popularly known as Sega AM2 or simply AM2) is a research and development team for the video game company Sega. Originally known as "Sega Amusement Developing Section 8", AM2 was previously headed up by famed designer Yu Suzuki. Of Sega's AM teams, AM2 was the best known and would become a major development house for Sega.

They first created early sprite-based, pseudo-3D, arcade classics, for their Super Scaler arcade system boards in the mid-to-late 1980s, such as Space Harrier, OutRun, After Burner, and After Burner II, all of which were monster successes. Later, AM2 would go on to create early polygonal 3D arcade classics, for their Sega Model arcade system boards in the early 1990s, such as Virtua Racing, Daytona USA, and the Virtua Fighter and Virtua Cop franchises, before creating the Shenmue series in the late 1990s.

Following the arcade release of Virtua Fighter 2, the February 1995 issue of Future Publishing's Ultimate Future Games magazine described Sega AM2 as "the most innovative and technically brilliant design team in the world."[1]

Following the release of OutRun 2, AM2 was absorbed into Sega (July 1, 2004). Unlike most of the other old AM departments, it remains a separate division within Sega. The only games that have used the AM2 logo since were After Burner Climax, R-Tuned : Ultimate Street Racing and the Virtua Fighter series.

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PlayStation 2
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