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This article is about the magazine; for the Sega Vision portable media player, see Sega Vision.

Sega Visions was a video game magazine focusing on games made for Sega video game machines such as Sega Master System, Game Gear, Genesis, and Sega CD. It was created by Sega and was initially published by The Communique Group. In 1992, Infotainment World (who also published the popular game magazine GamePro) took over publishing for the rest of its lifespan. The Editor in Chief for Issues 8 through 17 was Nic Lavroff. For Issues 18 through 25 the Editor in Chief was Kurt Busch. Its premiere issue in June/July 1990 was sent free to registered Master System and Genesis owners. The magazine had a rather sporadic release schedule, some issues being two months apart, others four months. It ran for 25 issues, with its final issue being released in September 1995.

Sega Visions was created as an answer to the popular game magazine Nintendo Power, which focused exclusively on Nintendo console games. Prior to Visions, Sega produced the Team Sega Newsletter, which was a small, simple magazine, mostly used as advertising to Master System owners. Once the Sega Genesis proved popular with game players, it was Sega's ambition to create a more in depth magazine with reviews, previews, game strategies and more, which ultimately became Sega Visions. The magazine also had its own comic character in Niles Nemo (created by Bill Kunkel). Niles (a play on Little Nemo) was a teenage boy with sunglasses who loved pizza and everything Sega.

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