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Sega Wow is a Sega video game company, which resulted from the merger of Wow Entertainment and Overworks in 2003. On July 1, 2004, Sega's subsidiaries, Wow Entertainment, Amusement Vision, Hitmaker, Smilebit, Sega Rosso, and United Game Artists reintegrated into Sega following the merge between Sega and Sammy in 2005, and a holding company, (Sega Sammy Holdings), was formed. The subsidiaries ceased to exist and were renamed.


Wow Entertainment[edit]

The Wow Entertainment Logo

Wow Entertainment was an in-house Sega developer previously known as AM1. They are most famous for the House of the Dead series.


Overworks (internally known as AM7 and commercially Team Shinobi) was the Sega video game development group responsible for series such as Skies of Arcadia, Streets of Rage, The Revenge of Shinobi, Sakura Wars, and Phantasy Star.

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Games developed as Wow Entertainment[edit]

Games developed as Overworks[edit]

Games developed as Sega Wow Overworks[edit]


The team was split back into separate divisions for consumer games and arcade games. The card battle arcade game Sangokushi Taisen is by far the biggest success the team had in the Arcades. Valkyria Chronicles was a very highly acclaimed RPG with several awards. Since 2014, the team of the arcade side that includes smartphone games, had an internet appearance again.[1]

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