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Family name
Meaning "Victorious peace", "peace through victory", or other linguistic variant.
Region of origin Bayern, Germany and Veneto, Italy (see Etymology section)
Related names Seganfreddo, Segafredo, and Siegfried
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"Segafredo" redirects here. For the coffee company, see Massimo Zanetti.

Seganfredo (variants: Segafredo, Segafreddo and Seganfreddo) is an Italian surname originating from the Cimbrian ethnic group of Northeast Italy. The famous Segafredo coffee company was founded by a member of this family.


The surname has been changed to its present Italian form as a corruption from the Germanic given name Siegfried, meaning "victorious peace", "peace through victory" or another linguistic variant (being Sieg "Victory" and Friede "Peace" in the German language).


Being a linguistically Italian surname in its present form, the members of this family are mostly concentrated on the north of Italy, particularly on the province of Vicenza (Veneto), as well as many having immigrated from Europe to the south of Brazil, especially to the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

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