Segata Sanshirō Shinken Yūgi

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Segata Sanshirō Shinken Yūgi
Developer(s) Sega
Publisher(s) Sega
Platform(s) Sega Saturn
Release date(s) JPN: 29 October 1998
Genre(s) Platform/Puzzle Game
Mode(s) Single player
Distribution CD-ROM

Segata Sanshirō Shinken Yūgi (せがた三四郎 真剣遊戯?) is a Sega Saturn (Japan only) video game based on the television commercials of its lead character, Segata Sanshirō. This game is actually a collection of mini games, each one based on the commercials he starred in, and include side-scrolling platform, memorization, button mashing and puzzle sequences. Successfully completing each one unlocks that given game's commercial for you to watch.

Because Segata was only shown in Japan, and this game debuted only after the final commercial ran, those outside Japan must have an imported Sega Saturn to play it or using a modified version to work with their region, as well as extensive knowledge of the Japanese language.

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