Province of Segovia

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Flag of Segovia
Coat of arms of Segovia
Coat of arms
Map of Spain with Segovia highlighted
Map of Spain with Segovia highlighted
Coordinates: 41°10′N 4°00′W / 41.167°N 4.000°W / 41.167; -4.000Coordinates: 41°10′N 4°00′W / 41.167°N 4.000°W / 41.167; -4.000
Autonomous community Castilla y León
Capital Segovia
 • Total 6,920.65 km2 (2,672.08 sq mi)
Area rank Ranked 37th
  1.35% of Spain
Population (2012)
 • Total 163,701
 • Rank Ranked 48th
 • Density 24/km2 (61/sq mi)
  0.35% of Spain
Demonym Spanish: Segoviano/a
Official language(s) Spanish
Website Official website

Segovia (Spanish pronunciation: [seˈɣoβja]) is a province of central/northern Spain, in the southern part of the autonomous community of Castile and León. It is bordered by the provinces of Burgos, Soria, Guadalajara, Madrid, Ávila, and Valladolid.


The province has a population of 149,286, of whom about 35% live in the capital, Segovia. Of the 209 municipalities in the province,[1] more than half are villages with under 200 people.

The origin of the name Segovia is said of Celtiberian origin, but also thought it was derived from the Visigoth conquest and occupation of Castile by the Goths, a Scandinavian/Germanic tribe lived in Castile from the 4th to 6th centuries AD.[citation needed]

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