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Seguku Women’s Association (SeWA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of women, children, and families throughout Uganda.


In 1998, a group of 12 women from Seguku village met to discuss how they would tackle the social problems that had hit most of the families across the village. The primary problems that had been identified across all families included:

HIV/AIDS in Africa – Many women had been widowed because their husbands had HIV/AIDS. Hence some of the women had AIDS while others tested HIV positive.

Family Structure – HIV/AIDS had placed strain on the family structure

Increases in domestic violence led to broken homes

There was growing moral decadence among orphaned and unguided youth, or Street children

Financial – Families were experiencing many financial struggles, such as

paying medical bills

school fees for the growing numbers children orphaned in the families affected with HIV/AIDS

lowered household income because bread winners were always sick

inability to purchase necessary food supplies for the family

To begin to tackle these social and economic problems, the women formed Seguku Women’s Association (SeWA) in order to begin planning a long lasting sustainable development strategy for the women and youths in the community. Other women were invited to join SeWA and to help organize solutions. They embraced it. The group met regularly and talked about solutions to the problems identified by the members. SeWA membership was later opened to individual women, organized women’s groups, and entire families beyond Seguku Village.


Seguku Women’s Association (SeWA) oversees several for-profit economic ventures to enable members to generate revenue and to become financially self-sufficient and improve their future. Each of these units is managed and operated by SeWA members and all items are produced by SeWA members. Support, training, and marketing are provided to the entrepreneurial members through SeWA. All programs of SeWA follow Fair trade principles.

Tailoring and Weaving Unit – the tailoring and weaving unit employs eight full-time members and is the primary source of revenue. Profits from this project help SeWA Art and Craft purchase items and materials for the artisans.

Animal Husbandry Project – SeWA members raise and sell poultry and pigs.

SeWA Art & Craft – Artisans create handmade crafts for sale locally and online. Products include artwork, bags, baskets, carvings, ceramics, clothing, drums, figures, jewelry, leather goods, metal items, natural fiber items, textile items, Uganda souvenirs, wood items, and woven mats. You can buy these products through the Online Store to help SeWA members improve their lives.


SeWA currently consists of 23 women’s groups, each with 15-25 members, and 11 individual members. Membership is open to any group or individual with an interest in industry and crafts (regardless of skill level). The groups that belong to SeWA are from local churches, mother’s unions, Christian women fellowships, and HIV/AIDS support groups. The individuals that belong to SeWA are single individuals, single mothers, widows, and young girls who are also school dropouts.


SeWA serves five districts in the Buganda region: Masaka, Mpigi, Wakiso, Luwero, Kampala, and Mukono. SeWA is located in central Uganda in Seguku village Wakiso District about 12 km from Kampala.


Seguku Women's Association
P.O. Box 4735
Tel: +256 772 444 962

Online Store:

Physical address 12 km from Kampala town
Seguku Katale next to Roofing’s Entebbe Road