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Sehgal (Punjabi: ਸੈਗਲ‌, Hindi: सैगल‌ or सहगल, Urdu: سہگل‎) is a family name, originally from the Punjab region in South Asia. Variant spellings include Sahgal, Sahgel, Saigal, Saihgal, Saigol, and Sehgol. It is mostly used by members of the Khatri community, and some Sehgals are of Rajput community.

Notable people with the surname Sehgal[edit]

  • Akashdeep Saigal, Indian television actor
  • Amarnath Sehgal (1922-2007), Indian sculptor, painter and poet, Padma Bhushan (2008)
  • Amin Saigol, founder of a Punjabi Shaikh business family of Pakistan
  • Baba Sehgal, rapper and actor
  • Bittu Sahgal, environmental activist, associated with Project Tiger and Sanctuary magazine
  • Deep Sehgal, British filmmaker
  • Ehsan Sehgal, poet, writer and journalist
  • Gita Sahgal, writer and journalist on issues of feminism, fundamentalism, and racism, director of prize-winning documentary films, and human rights activist
  • Kundan Lal Saigal, pioneer singer for Hindi films
  • Lakshmi Sahgal, revolutionary, Communist, and Presidential Candidate; of the Rani of Jhansi brigade of the Indian National Army and Communist Party of India (Marxist)
  • Mohit Sehgal, Indian television actor
  • Nayantara Sahgal, prominent author and niece of Jawaharlal Nehru
  • Prem Kumar Sahgal, officer of the Indian National Army
  • Sarika Sehgal, Indo-Canadian journalist
  • Sonal Sehgal, television actress
  • Tino Sehgal, a British-German artist
  • Zohra Sehgal (Apr 27, 1912 - Jul 10, 2014), Indian film and stage actress, Padma Vibhushan (2010)