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The Seiwa Genji (清和源氏?) were the most successful and powerful line of the Japanese Minamoto clan that were descended from Emperor Seiwa. Many of the most famous Minamoto warriors, including Minamoto no Yoshiie, also known as "Hachiman-tarō", or God of War; Minamoto no Yoritomo, the founder of the Kamakura shogunate; and Ashikaga Takauji, the founder of the Ashikaga shogunate belong to this line. Tokugawa Ieyasu (1543-1616), founder of the Tokugawa shogunate, also claimed descent from this lineage. The family is named after Emperor Seiwa, grandfather of Minamoto no Tsunemoto, patriarch of the Seiwa Genji.

Emperor Seiwa was father of Imperial Prince Sadazumi (貞純親王 Sadazumi Shinnō) (873-916) - father of Minamoto no Tsunemoto (源経基) (894-961), founder of the Seiwa Genji, from whom the Seiwa Genji is descended. Many samurai families belong to this line and had used "Minamoto" clan name in official records, including the Ashikaga clan, Hatakeyama clan, Hosokawa clan, Imagawa clan, Mori, Nanbu clan, Nitta clan, Ogasawara clan, Satake clan, Satomi clan, Shiba clan, Takeda clan, Toki clan, among others. The Shimazu and Tokugawa clans also claimed to belong to this line.

A group of Shinto shrines connected closely with the clan is known as the Three Genji Shrines (源氏三神社 Genji San Jinja).

Family tree[edit]

The following family trees are a non-exhaustive listing of the Seiwa Genji and the clans that branched from the family.

Legend: Solid lines represent blood relationship; dashed lines represent adoptions. An asterisk indicates a monk (who would not have been allowed to retain the Minamoto name).

Emperor Seiwa's first five princes[edit]

(Emperor Seiwa)
(Prince Sadaakira) (Prince Sadakata) (Prince Sadamoto) (Prince Sadahira) (Prince Sadayasu)
Kunifuchi Kanetada Kanenobu Kunitada Kuniuzu

Prince Sadazumi's descendants[edit]

(Emperor Seiwa)
(Prince Sadazumi)
Tsunemoto Tsuneo
Mitsunaka Mitsumasa Mitsusue Mitsuzane Mitsuyoshi Mitsuo Mitsu(shige?) Mitsuyori Kimifushi
Yorimitsu Yorichika Yorinobu Yorihira Yoriaki Yorisada Yorizane Takamichi Yori(hiro?) Genken* Tadasue
Settsu Genji Yamato Genji Kawachi Genji

Emperor Seiwa's other princes[edit]

(Emperor Seiwa)
(Prince Sadatoki) (Prince Sadakazu) (Prince Sadazane) (Prince Sadayori) Nagafuchi Nagamichi Nagami Nagayori
Tameyoshi(?) Shigemoto Shigehira Shigekata Motosuke

Settsu Genji[edit]

Minamoto no Yorimitsu
Yorikuni Yoriie Yorimoto
Yorinori Yorisuke Yorizane Sanekuni Yoritsuna Rokujōsai-in no Senji Kunifusa Moromitsu
Akikuni Nakamasa Raishi Seishi Kuninao Mitsukuni Sanetoshi Mitsutaka
Yukikuni Tsunemitsu Yorimasa Yoriyuki Mitsushige Yasumasa Kunimasa Kunimoto Toki clan Mitsuyasu
Tada Genji Nakatsuna Kanetsuna Masatsuna Nakaie Yorikane Hirotsuna Sanuki Gishūmon-in no Tango Jūshi
Munetsuna Aritsuna Nakamitsu Yorishige

Yamato Genji[edit]

Yorinari Yorifusa Yoritō Yorimoto
Yoritoshi Mutsu Ishikawa clan
Yori(kaze?) Yoriharu Yori(kage?)
Yoriyasu (several clans) (several clans)

Kawachi Genji[edit]

Yoriyoshi Yorikiyo Yorisue Yoritō Yoshimasa
Yoshiie Yoshitsuna Yoshimitsu Kaiyo* Murakami clan Inoue clan
Yoshimune Yoshichika Yoshikuni Yoshitada
Yoshinobu Yoshitoshi Yoshiyasu Yoshiyuki Munekiyo Nitta, Ashikaga clans
Tameyoshi Tsunekuni Yoshitaka Tadamune Yoshikiyo Yoshikatsu
Yoshitomo Yoshikata Yoshihiro Yorikata Yorinaka Tamemune Tamenari Tametomo Tamenaka Yukiie
Nakaie Yoshinaka
Yoshihira Tomonaga Yoritomo Yoshikado Mareyoshi Noriyori Zenjō Gien* Yoshitsune
Yoriie Sanetomo Jōgyō*
Ichiman Kugyō* Eijitsu* Zengyō*

Yoshimitsu's descendants[edit]

Yoshinari Sanemitsu Yoshikiyo Moriyoshi Chikayoshi
Masayoshi Yoshisada Kiyomitsu Hiraga and Ōuchi clans
Satake clan Yoshitsune Yoshikane Mitsunaga Nobuyoshi Tōmitsu Yoshisada Yoshitō
Tadayori Kanenobu Takeda clan Mitsutomo Nagakiyo Mitsuyuki

Mitsumasa's descendants[edit]

Tadashige Tadataka Tadakuni
Sadamune Sadashige Yūshinai-shinnō-ke no Kii(?) Masayori Shigetaka Yoshitsune
Shigemune Yoshizumi clan
Shigezane Shigenaga Shigetoki
Shigenari Shigesada Shigetō Tokinari Shigekuni Suetō
Shigenao Shigeyori Shigefusa Shigeto Mitsusue Suesada
Shigemitsu Shigemune Shigenaga Shigetaka Shigekiyo Mitsuyuki
Shigetada Shigetomo Shigehide Shigeyuki Chikayuki

Mitsuyoshi's descendants[edit]

Mitsukuni Yukiyori Yorisue
Tamehira Tameyoshi Tamekuni Tamezane Tamemoto Tameuji
Chiku and Sengoku clans (several clans) Niyanagi and Natsume clans (several clans) Katagiri clan (several clans)

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