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Sekhukhune, or Sekukuni, (1814–1882), the son of King Sekwati, was king of the Marota (or baPedi) of Sekukuniland, in the current Limpopo province of South Africa. He became king upon his father's death in September 1861, and lived at a mountain, now known as Thaba Ya Leolo,[1] which he fortified.

As Pedi paramount leader he was faced with political challenges from the Boer ZAR and the British Empire, with considerable social change caused by Christian missionaries. He fought two wars: first successfully in 1876 against the ZAR and their Swazi allies, then defeated by the British and Swazi in 1879. Sekhukhune was held until 1881 in Pretoria, then assassinated by a rival notable in the following year.[2]

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