Sekiu River

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Sekiu River
Mouth 48°17′17.2″N 124°23′40.4″W / 48.288111°N 124.394556°W / 48.288111; -124.394556
Basin countries United States
Length 12.5 mi (20.1 km)
Mouth elevation 6 ft (1.8 m)

The Sekiu River is a 12.5-mile (20.1 km) long river in the U.S. state of Washington.[1] The mouth of the river empties into Puget Sound from the Olympic Peninsula in Clallam County[2] in The river has an additional 36.7 miles (59.1 km) of tributaries connected to it. The nearest town is the unincorporated community of Sekiu approximately 4.75 miles (7.6 km) east from the mouth of the Sekiu river.[3]

The mouth of the Sekiu river is used to define the western border of North Puget Sound.[2]

Sekiu is located in Washington (state)
Location in Washington

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