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Saint Selaphiel the Archangel
"The Angelic Council" ("Ангелскй Собор"). An Eastern Orthodox Church icon of the "Seven Archangels." From left to right: St Jehudiel, St Gabriel, St Selatiel, St Michael, St Uriel, St Raphael, St Barachiel. Beneath the mandorla of Christ Emmanuel are representations of Cherubim (blue) and Seraphim (red).
Saint and Archangel
Honored in
Eastern Orthodox churches, Folk Catholicism
Attributes Prayer

Saint Selaphiel the Archangel or Saint Sealtiel, Selatiel (Aramaic צלתיאל Tzelathiel "Prayer of God", Heb. שאלתיאל Shealtiel), sometimes identified with Salathiel from the Second Book of Esdras. He is one of the seven archangels in Eastern Orthodox tradition, and in traditional folk Catholicism.[1] When depicted in iconography by himself or with individual characteristics, he is shown in an attitude of humble prayer, with downcast eyes and arms crossed over his breast.[2] Prayer is considered his special attribute,[3] and Orthodox Christians will seek his help if their prayer is suffering from distractions, inattentiveness, or coldness. In Catholic Tradition, he is depicted as a thurifer.


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